Unleash the Power of Social Advocacy
and Amplification in Your Business.

What’s stopping your employees from being engaged on social media? Maybe you tried, maybe you’re just starting. We’re here to help you succeed at employee advocacy and social amplification.

Unlocking your employees' social following can deliver huge benefits to your business. A new channel for marketing, mass engagement for sales and brand reach for recruiting, every department that engages in an employee advocacy programme will benefit. 

Making social media work for you is a combination of great content, willing and motivated sharers and a simple tool to enable sharing and engagement at the click of a button, with no copy and paste. 

For Marketeers

The GaggleAMP solution takes the guesswork out by helping you provide your company and customers with easy to share content through a simple to use tool.

  • Unlock your sales teams social followers as a powerful new marketing channel
  • Find new reach for your content
  • Engage with sales to get valued, authentic content to share through your social channels

For Sales

The GaggleAMP solution gets your timeline filled with content you can easily select and share to help you drive engagement and grow your following.

  • Get access to pre-written social content to fill your timeline
  • Removes the need to search daily for interesting content to share
  • Grow your social following with very little effort

Join our webinar in which Jason Sibley of Creation Agency and Glenn Gaudet of GaggleAMP
discuss the current state of social advocacy and provide a demo of GaggleAMP in action!

Don't just take our word for it

"I love the mobile app integration with the platform. Everyone is already on their phone, so by using push notifications in addition to the digest emails we can make sure our employees have multiple opportunities to see and share content."

Lauren Gitlin - Marketer Managing Social Media & Employee Advocacy, Cohn Reznick

"I like that GaggleAMP seamlessly integrates with all social platforms of the user and the good part is that you decide which social platform you want to
use/not use and can instantly turn it on/off as per your needs. It has helped employees get their social profiles more active and engaged. Before this we had a lot of content but just didn't have the right tool to disseminate it to employees."

Alina Noronha Fernandes - Marketing Manager, South Asia, Thomson Reuters

"I was able to push out a very successful program using GaggleAMP. We had no prior experience with an Employee Advocacy Program prior to GaggleAMP. I would recommend this user-friendly dashboard to any company!"

Anat Hazanchuk - Social Media Marketing Manager, Ooma

"As an end user in the marketing department, I'm very impressed with GaggleAMP. Our sales team also enjoys using it, because they can scan through all the post options or simply post all of them without thinking twice about it. It kills two bird with one stone - alleviates the need for the team to write their own posts and gets our companies message across in an (approved by marketing) way."

Megan Potrzeba - Marketing Automation Manager, Appian

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